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Flowers To Go, Local Humble Florist, Recycles

Flowers To Go, your local Humble Florist, is excited to announce that we recycle!  We had been approached through the years by many people who complained that they had so many used vases lying around.  They would ask us if we wanted them.  We decided that there must be a lot of people who had been the lucky recipient of flowers many times and had quite a collection of empty vases.  

We started a program to recycle and reuse these vases!  Attached to every arrangement that we design and deliver, is a recycle card notifying the recipient of our program.  We even reward the people who bring us their empty vases!  When they come into our shop with their empty vase and one of our recycle cards, we give them FREE FLOWERS!

This program has been a tremendous success.  We have received many vases that might have been discarded and our customers receive FREE FLOWERS!  It is a win-win situation!


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